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Rockers and Rockettes

Located in the promotion court, lower mall on the first Sunday of every month from 11am – 3pm, children are invited to join our FREE kids club where fun, laughter and crafts are our speciality.

This year, our themes are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set out by 193 member states of the United Nations in 2015. These global goals are the most ambitious agreement for sustainable development that world leaders have ever made and are used within schools, Scouts, Guide groups, and now in Churchill Square’s Rockers and Rockettes kids club!

Check out our monthly themes below!

Loyalty Cards

ALL our little Rockers and Rockettes can pick up a loyalty card. Ask the team to stamp the card each month, then claim a fabulous TY beanie toy on the 6th visit!


Sunday 1st March Get Moving

Starr Jumper will be jogging over to Churchill Square to show our little Rockers & Rockettes how to make exercise fun, as well as the physical benefits of making sure they move every day.

Get a wriggle on and join us in the promotion court from 11am to 3pm.


Sunday 5th April 

Under the Sea

Jeni Fish has swum in today especially to sea our Rockers and Rockettes! Jeni is passionate about the ocean corals and all the creatures that inhabit them around the world.

There is no barrier here for anyone to join in so make sure you bring your little starfish down to learn all about under the sea and join in our workshop to create their very own fish wand.

They’ll have a whale of a time.


Sunday 3rd May 2020

Just like Me

Our resident equality specialist Joy For-All will be stopping by to spread the message of equality, love and kindness. Joy knows we are all created equal and wants to make friends with everyone!

Spread kindness & good feeling by creating a friendship bracelet for someone special and design your own hand-print design to be part of our “inclusion & equality” collage.


Sunday 3rd June 2020

Active Minds

Doctor X Ray is holding an Active Minds clinic for our little Rockers and Rockettes. With brain-boosting activities – learn, play, create and take-home a personalised jigsaw.

Join us for a quiz-tastic time and solve the riddle of finding oodles of free fun on a Sunday!


Sunday 5th July 2020

Green Fingers

Gerry the Garden Guru will be with us from 11am to 3pm, helping our mini gardeners to create their own seed pots to take home. Plus, Gerry will be ‘planting’ some wisdom with our visitors, about the importance of growing your own food and balanced healthy meals.

Grab your wellies & garden gloves and be ready to dig up some fun!


Sunday 2nd August

Bee Gone

Join Honey Pott the Bee Keeper and learn all about the UK’s famous Honey Bee. From 11am to 3pm, they’ll be showing off their stripes and sharing their knowledge of conservation to all.

Everyone will be buzzing with information of how to protect the humble bee, as well as flying high for the opportunity to decorate their own mini bee house.


Sunday 6th September

The Power Of Nature

Join Gerty the Geoscientist for Rockers & Rockettes between 11am – 3pm and learn all about the power of nature, and how the earth’s natural resources keep us all powered up.

Plus we’ll all be feeling a breeze as we make and decorate our own paper windmill!


Sunday 4th October

Food Miles

Marty the Mariner will be dropping by Churchill Square from 11am – 3pm to teach us all about the adventures of food…working onboard the cargo ships, Marty truly knows how far our food has to travel!

Our little Rockers & Rockettes can play our “Food Miles” game, decorate their own ceramic plate to take home, and enjoy our giant foodie-themed colouring board.


Sunday 1st November

The Beauty of Nature

Andie the Artist will be casting their creative eye from 11am – 3pm, showing our Rockers & Rockettes how to create beautiful art from the wonders of nature…

From colourful painted leaves, potato prints and more, be sure to bring your flair for colour and create your own memorable (and natural) masterpiece by designing your very own reusable cotton bag!


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