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Kids Club

Located in the promotion court, lower mall on the first Sunday of every month from 11am – 3pm, children are invited to join our FREE kids club where fun, laughter and crafts are our speciality.

With a whoosh and swoosh our Rockers and Rockettes superhero team offer a different theme every month, so why don’t you pop along and check it out!

1st September

Energy Efficiency

The only time we want you to fuel up and use lots of energy is at our kids club this month.

Wasteful Wallace is very forgetful and needs to be reminded when wasting energy! Can your energy efficient apprentices help point out to Wallace when energy can be reduced?

Wallace will power forward thanks to your well needed energy efficient apprentices.

6th October

Save Our Trees.

Branch out and join us this Sunday for our Save Our Trees event. Every superhero needs to go to school and no better place to start than at Tree Training School.

Our superhero Cherry Blossom will be helping your little seedlings to understand how to reduce paper waste, plant trees AND they get to plant their own flowers in their personalised pots.

No-one will be BARKing orders here. It’s all a team effort.

3rd November

Cool to be kind.

Join Nora Nobully who will show your little superheroes in a fun and interactive way how to detect and prevent bullying, as well as how to treat others with kindness.  They can also in preparation for odd socks day, personalise their very own odd socks to take home and wear with pride to show that they stand up against bullying.

All events run from 11am to 3pm and are free to attend. Please note, all children must be accompanied by an adult.

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