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Welcome to Snapper Jaxx our fun filled FREE kids club. On the first Sunday of every month from 11am – 4pm the Snapper Jaxx team will entertain your little ones with different themed activities and interactive adventures! Snapper Jaxx can be found on the lower mall outside BHS.
2nd October
Spooky Spiders
Tara Antula is feeling a bit sad. She really wants to make friends with her next door neighbour, Jimmy Jumpy, but he’s totally terrified of her! Perhaps if she knocks on his door and offers to show him a trick or give him a treat he might want to make friends? Can you come and help Jimmy learn to love spooky spiders in time for Tara’s Halloween party?
6th November
Whoosh! Bang!
Katherine Wheel and Ricky Rockets have been planning the Churchill Square Grand Fireworks Display for ages! Have they got everything they need? Safety equipment – check. Toffee apples – check. The fireworks… oh no! They’ve both forgotten the fireworks! Can you come and help them make sure it all goes off with a bang